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About Me

I am an Online Business Consultant, Marketing Strategist, and Entrepreneur focused on small businesses. I help small businesses grow their sales and reach by leveraging the tools on the Internet.

I have gained vast experience from working at Fortunate 500 Companies, Universities, Agencies and Startups across North America. My entrepreneurial aspiration has taught me a lot about starting and growing businesses.

To be able to start a business, many things have to fall in place. One of the most useful tools available at our disposal is the Internet, more specifically the vast amount of apps and data available today.

Mohit Kishore an entrepreneur standing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, California.

Be Curious and Focused

My curiosity helped me realize entrepreneurship. 

The ability to create simple solutions for complex problems is what drives me today. 



I live an experience-rich life. I believe there is an opportunity in everything, and experiences open the gates to these opportunities. With rich experiences, you get to meet, understand and learn new people regularly.

Studying and working at the same time helped me manage my time better each day. From an early age, optimization and the utilization of time have been my main focus when it comes to running a business and even life. Today, I have automated many of my tasks and spend more time doing things that matter to me the most.

April 2020

Launched House Slippes

As a curious guy, I launched a store to learn about with e-commerce. My past experiences are helping me grow a business online organically. Visit my store The House Slippes.

January 2020

Enrolled in Business School

In January 2020, I started working towards getting my Business Degree. I study Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Algonquin College here in Ottawa. 

April 2019

Moved to Ottawa, Canada

Moving to Ottawa from Toronto was a tremendous change. Ottawa is a small city, but there are certainly more opportunities here. Ottawa is helping me explore the political scene of Canada

October 2018

First Product Launch

I launched my first product, Asscky, as a Product Manager at Hyfer Technologies. I was now exploring uncharted waters. Check out our product demo here.

April 2018

Explored Blockchain Scene

In 2018, I had the opportunity to work closely with a blockchain agency Northern Block. As a full-stack developer, I was able to dive deep into the technology and get a unique understanding of exactly how it works.

October 2017

Co-founded Knotify Inc.

With the success of my first company, a few friends and I decided to build a product to solve the issue with community management. My product management skills were put to test. 

June 2017

Co-founded Code4Kids

I have always believed that technology can solve problems, and it is fun learning how. In the summer of 2017, my friends and I spent time teaching kids how to build simple mobile games.

May 2016

Moved to SAP Labs, Waterloo

My time at Waterloo introduced me to the concept of product management, entrepreneurship, and minimalism. SAP was my first exposure to corporate and remote work culture. 

March 2016

Co-founded Hyfer Technologies

I co-founded my first company Hyfer Technologies. Hyfer Technologies is currently a successful agency running out of St. Catherine, Ontario. 

February 2016

2nd Place Scotia Bank Hack

Our team StrangerDanger was awarded Bank 2nd place for a 40-hour hackathon run by The Bank of Nova Scotia. We build a mock artificial intelligence that helped people save their money better.

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December 2015

Co-founded Review Brothers

Review Brothers was a project started by my brother and I. It was both our first attempt at YouTube. Review Brothers helped us understand the reach of internet and how to monetize from it. 

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January 2015

Freelance Career Kickoff

As a student, I needed to earn to pay for my school fees and my daily expenses. Having a second job is very common today. Freelancing has helped me manage time better. 

October 2015

UNC Hackathon Winner

Attended my first hackathon organized by the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and won 3 awards from Google, IBM & Interactive Intelligence.  

May 2014

Developer Career Kickoff

Started my role at Student Information System at York University. The importance of your fist job is very underrated. My first job gave me the organization skills I have today and more. 

My Work

I firmly believe that small businesses and startups are the keys to innovation and our economy. I enjoy solving complex problems, mentoring startups and consulting with small businesses to bring products to life.

The Ottawa Hospital

Business Analyst, Contractor

Iversoft Solutions

Jr. Business Analyst, Full Time

Hyfer Technologies

Co-Founder, Product Manager

Knotify Inc.

Co-founder, Product Manager

York University, UIT

Software Developer

SAP Labs

UA Developer