Mohit Kishore

My mission is to help small businesses grow
their sales by leveraging tools on the internet.

Mohit Kishore an entrepreneur standing at the edge of Norway.

Hello, I am Mohit Kishore

After spending 4 years of my life writing code for big companies, I found my true passion of building businesses.

Today, I help small businesses how to build and grow their business using social media and other tools. 


My Focus

My background in computer science helped me realize how technology can solve complex business problems. Entrepreneurship encouraged me to build solutions. My skills help me understand the right tools for any complex business problems. I am also a firm believer in the automation of certain tasks so that I can focus on things that matter the most.

Optimize your Online Game

Not sure if you are optimized to be online? I have compiled a checklist based on experimenting with my own business. Download this FREE PDF and see where you stand. 

Free Checklist to help small businesses grow online.

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